Ultrasonic Axle Testing

Ultrasonic-Axle-TestingApplied Inspection is recognised throughout the UK and Europe as being at the forefront of testing on rail axles in accordance with Railway Group Standards. The testing we carry out is currently undertaken for companies at the manufacturing stage as well as insitu at the rail depot. We are also involved with routine maintenance schedules for a number of rail companies.

This type of testing is, of course, considered safety critical and as such, requires highly skilled and experienced technicians who work side by side rail company personnel on a daily basis.

We were recently invited by TWI (The Welding Institute) to take part in a European backed research project looking into the life of rail axles. Further details are available on our News page.

Should you require further information please contact  Roy Archer and Joseph Morgan on 01283 515163 or complete the enquiry form below.


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