Visual Inspection

Visual Testing

Visual InspectionAlso known as Visual Inspection, Visual Testing is the one NDT method used extensively to evaluate the condition or the quality of a weld or component. It is easily carried out, inexpensive and usually doesn’t require special equipment.

It is used for the inspection of welds and other components where quick detection and the correction of flaws or process related problems can result in significant cost savings. Visual Testing is the primary evaluation method of many quality control programmes.

Visual InspectionThis method of testing requires good vision, good lighting and the expertise to recognize flaws and process problems. Visual inspection can be enhanced by a variety of methods ranging from low power magnifying glasses through to boroscopes. These devices can also be used with television camera systems. Surface preparation can range from wiping with a cloth to blast cleaning and treating with chemicals to show the surface details.

Visual Testing can identify where a failure is most likely to occur and as well as identifying when failure has commenced and this method of testing is often enhanced by other methods of inspection; identifying defects that are not easily seen by the eye.