Inspection Technology for Solar Power Plants

Inspection Technology for Solar Power Plants We are involved in a number of European funded projects at the moment but one that will interest those of you interested in renewable energy sources is the Inspection Technology for Concentrated Solar Power Plants or the Intersolar project.

The companies involved in the project besides ourselves include consortium members Brunel University (UK), CIT Ltd. (UK), Technology Assistance (Spain), PSP (Greece), INGETEAM Service (Spain), ENGITEC (Spain) and Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (Spain).

Members will be looking at the number of failures associated with the coolant systems and absorber tubes of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technologies and the particular challenge faced by inspection and maintenance companies that the systems and tubes are currently impossible to inspect as the absorber tube is situated inside a glass envelope under vacuum.

A high priority for the European solar thermal energy industry is the significant improvement of the structural reliability of critical components of CSP plants and the Consortium will look to achieve this through the development and successful implementation of an intelligent guided wave inspection platform based on the use of non-contact Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer Sensors (EMATs).

We aim to update our news page as more project information is released.