Whole Life Rail Axle Assessment and Improvement Project – November 2010

Applied Inspection has been chosen to take part in a European funded research project looking at the life of rail axles wih a view to developing new equipment.  Rail axles, designed to last 20 years or more are frequently withdrawn from service because of surface corrosion.

Applied Inspection Limited, Burton upon Trent - Friday, 10 December 2010.Left in service, these axles would become prone to crack, resulting in costly down time for the train company. This research project aims to provide new and improved methods of crack detection and corrosion assessments for railway axle inspection, with the testing taking place whilst the axle is still insitu as the vehicle passes through the depot or railway siding. This research will cover both freight and passenger vehicles.

This project also aims to determine the remaining life in a rail axle by developing new techniques and collecting data during the inspection; ultimately the axles life will be extended with the advances in inspection technology. Applied Inspection will inspect axles and report the data to the project members.


For further information please see the WOLAXIM website – www.wolaxim.eu)