Ultrasonic Testing Applied Inspection LimitedOur technicians are dedicated and experienced personnel, with many certified to PCN, ASNT and ACCP Level III. Many of our senior technicians are known throughout the industry and are recognised as being highly trained, competent individuals who have worked for Applied Inspection for many years.

For those unfamiliar with ultrasonic inspection; this type of testing uses sound waves of short wavelength and high frequency to detect flaws or measure material thickness. It is used to test welds, castings and wrought products, e.g. rolled plate or forgings.

Manual testing involves sound waves (pulsed beams of high frequency ultrasound) transmitted via a hand-held transducer, which is placed on the specimen. A ‘couplant’ is used to enable the sound to pass from the transducer to the component under test. Any sound from the pulse that returns to the transducer (echo) is shown on a screen, which gives the amplitude of the pulse and the time taken to return to the transducer. Flaws anywhere through the specimen thickness reflect the sound back to the transducer. Flaw size, distance and reflectivity can be interpreted.

The immersion technique involves placing the component in a tank of water and passing the sound waves through the water into the component. Because of its complexity; considerable technician training and skill is required.


Applied Inspection Limited, Burton upon Trent - Friday, 10 December 2010.Applied Inspection offer a wide range of training courses in Metallurgy/Materials, Welding and Non-Destructive Testing. Below are examples of the courses we offer – for further information please contact us.


  • Introduction to Metallurgy
  • Metallurgy of Iron Steel
  • Metallurgy of Stainless Steels
  • Metallurgy of Cast Iron
  • Basic Non-Ferrous  Metallurgy
  • Basic  Metallurgy
  • Basic Heat Treatment
  • Effect of Alloying Elements in Steel
  • Mechanical and Physical Properties of Materials
  • Mechanical Testing of Materials
  • Introduction to Corrosion
  • Introduction to Failure Investigation
  • Failure Mechanisms
  • Methods of Analysis
  • Methods of Manufacture and Processing (Process Technology)


  • BSEN ISO 9606-1 % BSEN ISO 9606-2 (Processes covered:- MAGS, MMA, TIG, FCA W, MIG)
  • Visual Inspection of Welds Appreciation Course – BSEN ISO 17637
  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding of Steels, Basic Skills Course
  • Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting
  • Manual Metal Arc (MMA) Welding of Steels. Basic Skills Course
  • Metal Active Gas Shielded (MAGS) Welding of Steels. Basic Skills Course
  • Advanced Welding Courses: – MIG Welding of Aluminium, TIG Welding of Stainless Steels, TIG Welding of Aluminium, Pipe Welding Techniques, Fixed Position Welding
  • Abrasive Wheel. Basic Skills Course
  • Welding Symbols to BSEN ISO 2553
  • Welding Procedures to BSEN ISO 15314-1 & 15614-2
  • Welding Procedures to Welding Procedures to AWS
  • Welding Qualifications to BSEN ISO 9606-1 & 9606-2
  • Welding Qualifications to ASME IX
  • Welding Qualifications to A.W.S.D1.1
  • Understanding of WPQR and Welder Qualifications

Non-Destructive Testing

  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Dye Penetrant Testing
  • Radiography
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Eddy Current Testing
  • Product Technology – Castings
  • Product Technology – Wrought Products




Metallurgical Services & Testing

Applied Inspection Limited, Burton upon Trent - Friday, 10 December 2010.We offer a wide range of metallurgical analysis and materials consultancy; including component failure investigations, warranty claims, metallography, reverse engineering and corrosion investigations. We also offer a collection and delivery service for your convenience.

For all Materials Testing enquiries, Please email: j.morgan@appliedinspection.co.uk


Radiography – X-Ray and Gamma Ray, Iridium 192 and Cobalt 60

Applied Inspection Limited, Burton upon Trent - Friday, 10 December 2010.Our laboratories are headed by experienced and knowledgable personnel with the commitment to provide our customers with a radiographic service second to none. We deliver a flexible service with quick turnaround times; working to support the most pressurised production schedules.

We also provide radiography on site when required; ensuring the radiographic activities are conducted in accordance with current legislation and regulations.

Welding Services – Training, Repair, RWC & Consultancy

Welding ServicesApplied Inspection provide a professional and comprehensive welding and welder training service throughout the UK. Our welding staff are experienced in all processes and material types, offering a service to suit your business needs. We also provide weld repairs and coordination services/welding engineering consultancy.  Our welding facility based in Burton Upon Trent houses the latest technology.


We hold third party quality approval from BSI to BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 and TWI to BS EN ISO 15085-2 CL-1 & CL-2 for welding services, both on-site and at our Burton on Trent welding facility.

Professional Welding Services

  • Are you having difficulties in achieving a consistently high standard of weld?
  • Do you need a welding procedure writing?
  • Do your welders need certification to a BS EN standard?
  • Are you looking to undertake work previously out of your scope?
  • Do you require welding engineering consultancy services?
  • Are you looking for a responsible welding coordinator (RWC)?

Bringing in our highly qualified staff could be of considerable benefit to you company, we have an in-house European Welding Engineer (EWE).  So why not call us today to see how we could assist you in problem solving, improving the quality of workmanship and venturing into new markets; all making your company more profitable.

For further details, please contact our Welding Manager, Fred Hawksworth – 01283 515163 or email f.hawksworth@appliedinspection.co.uk