Case study 2 – Corrosion in Chilled Water Pipes


Following a leak from some chilled water pipes, where the wall of the pipe had been penetrated, a customer was concerned that there was a widespread problem of tube wall thinning. A visit was made to the customers’ site in order that lengths of tube of 50mm, 60mm and 90mm outside diameter could be tested ultrasonically to establish the extent of the wall thinning. Subsequent to the on-site ultrasonic testing, samples of the tube were brought back to the Burton Laboratory for further investigation. The samples were also subjected to visual examination, the results of which can be seen below. Read More

Case Study 3 – Porosity in Subsea Welds

The services of an Applied Inspection NDT Level 3 consultant were requested by one of our customers to investigate porosity issues relating to subsea welds. The problem related to the interpretation of radiographs of riser welds; the radiographs showed that there was a considerable amount of porosity in the welds but there were differences of opinion in quantifying the amount, size and shape of the porosity.  This resulted in differing views as to the correct determination, in relation to compliance with the code.

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