The services provided by Applied Inspection Ltd are underpinned by a robust ISO 9001:2015 accredited Quality Management System. An integral element of this system is an annual Customer Satisfaction Survey; the survey ensures we understand our customer’s needs and results enable us to tailor our service to suit the exact requirements of the customer.

We are regularly audited by rail infra-structure, train build, areospace, nuclear and general engineering customers and we receive some excellent feedback regarding the extremely high standards to adhere to.

We have two dedicated Quality Managers within the company, each one being responsible for all areas of Quality over the four Applied Inspection sites.

Quality Contact Details:

Burton and Glasgow

James N Bailey

Tel: 01283 515163

Email: j.bailey@appliedinspection.co.uk


Company Approvals

RISQS (formerly Link Up)

Rolls Royce (Nuclear Sector)

Railway Group Standard RIS-2701-RST

BSI ISO 9001 

Company Policies

Applied Inspection Accreditations

Quality Policy

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Health & Safety Policy

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Environmental Policy

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Drugs and Alcohol Policy

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Equal Opportunity Policy

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Our Mission Statement

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